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Drill Operator

The Bore Rig Operator requires experience with directional drilling or locating equipment on a drill rig for longer than six months, operating excavating equipment, drilling various types of soil – including rock, handling various types of pipe and PVC, and maintaining customer standards for installation no matter the circumstances. The Bore Rig Operator will also be expected to hand dig in various situations – including across located utilities, in highly congested areas, or in areas where equipment cannot access. They will also need to have knowledge of using a Vactron, and mixing bore mud products, or be willing to learn.

Drill Locator

Correctly, safely, and efficiently locate underground drill head with Vermeer rig. Work outdoors in the fresh air, using a company-provided iPad and document job sites. These are daytime, full-time positions and overtime will be required. Instructor-led training will be provided to show use of equipment. Minimum of 6 months experience preferred but not required.

  • Having a CDL is NOT required, though may increase pay rate
  • Work trucks are provided
  • Overtime and weekend availability
  • Per diem pay when working out of town

The Operator has a physically strenuous and demanding job. The job requires lifting, pulling, and managing heavy equipment and objects. The Operator will work in all weather and must be prepared for both extreme heat and cold. The Operator must ensure that all activities are completed in a safe and efficient way. The Operator must interact with other employees, subcontractors, customers, and members of the public in a courteous and respectful manner. The Operator must have good communication skills and great safety record.

  • Having a CDL Is not required, although may increase pay rate
  • Work truck provided.
  • Overtime and weekend availability
  • Per Diem pay when working out of town

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